Lady Gaga Likes Nothing Better Than Going To Bed With Her Favourite Shoes!

Lady-GagaLittle children like nothing more than going to bed with their favourite toys or their favourite piece of sports equipment do they, after all they are some of their most treasured possessions. Today we can reveal that one leading figure in the world of Pop Music likes nothing more than going to bed the night before going on stage with their favourite shoes!

Lady Gaga will be performing a Wizard of Oz themed performance on Good Morning America today and revealed the following last night on her Twitter account. She wrote, “Always sleep with my dance shoes before a performance. There’s no place like home. #Applause.”

Earlier this year Lady Gaga was forced to take time off from performing due to a serious hip injury, and she cant wait to get back to do doing what she loves. She said, “When I’m not on stage I don’t feel alive. But when I hit the stage it’s like everything that I’m thinking and feeling, where I belong – that’s where it is.”

Taking your new Action Man or Barbie to bed a a child is one thing, but taking your new shoes to bed with you as a fully grown adult is another, but apparently not if your name is Lady Gaga!


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