Kylie Minogue Reveals What See Looks For In A Man – Could It Be you!

rsz_kylie_minogueLast month we told you that Kylie Minogue fears she will never get married, but today she has given a few pointers as to who her ideal man might be. Single men read on now!

Speaking to the Daily Star Newspaper Kylie revealed all about what she is looking for in a man as she said, “He needs to be sincere, funny and be able to cope with me and my lifestyle. He has to be someone I admire as well.”

Perhaps that man is Daniel Craig because Kylie revealed she would love to be a Bond Girl. She said, “I would be the oldest bond girl, but of course it would be amazing.”

Kylie is no stranger to acting as she appeared in Neighbours during the 1980’s, and she says she acts when she performs her music videos. She said, “I guess I get to do some kind of acting, doing videos or putting on a confident face when I don’t really feel that way. But proper acting, I get such a thrill out of that.”

Daniel Craig could well be the perfect match for Kylie, but sadly he is with Rachel Weisz right now, though in the world of showbiz anything is possible.


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