Kobe Bryant’s wife sells $3.22 million mansion

Kobe Bryant's wife sells $3.22 million mansionKobe Bryant’s wife , Vanessa, just lost a third of her real estate portfolio by selling one of the 3 Newport Beach mansions Kobe gave her right after they split back in 2011.

Yes, Vanessa Bryant was planning to sell the 6,000 sq. ft. Newport Beach Mansion last September for a hefty price of $3.75 million and now, she has finally sealed the deal this January for a sum of $3.22 million.

The mansion was beach mansion was bought in 2003 for $2.65 million and Kobe gave it to Vanessa after she filed for divorce. Vanessa’s mom, Sofia was the one living in the property before it was sold.

As for the status of their divorce, everything is still unclear.


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