Kobe Bryant & Vanessa: No Divorce?

Kobe Bryant & Vanessa: No Divorce?Vanessa Bryant has decided that she is not going to sign the divorce papers at this very moment because she and Kobe have some things that they may need to work out first.

Our sources have revealed that the once happy couple is trying to work through what made them the not so happy couple in the first place. Currently, they have said to be spending a whole lot of time together even though they still have not made the move to move back in together at this point.

Since they are in California, Vanessa now has six months before she can make their divorce official. However, her six month wait is over during the weekend but the way things have been going it does not seem as though the couple needs a divorce anymore. However, in the event that Vanessa was to change her mind she would have the ability to file for divorce again at any time without any hesitations.

The bad thing about their situation is Vanessa is the owner of the mansions so in order for them to live together more than likely Kobe would have to move into one of her three mansions and we are unsure as to how he would feel about that.


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