Kimberley Walsh Will Not Be Short Of Babysitters When Her New Baby is Born

rsz_kimberley_walshBeing a member of a five piece girl band means you have four ready made babysitters and Aunties for the future should you have any children, and that is exactly what is going to happen with Kimberley Walsh’s new baby as former band mate Cheryl Cole has promised to be first in line when the new baby is born.

Kimberley, 32, is expecting her first child with partner Justin Scott and she revealed all about her plans for babysitting duties. Speaking to this weeks edition of Closer Magazine Kimberley said, “Cheryl has said she’ll be babysitting all the time and will have a cot by her bed so the baby can stay over. She’ll have plenty of practice being around Eric this year too. She’ll be a doting auntie to my baby by the time he or she arrives.”

Kimberley was also quick to point out she will not be hiring a nanny as she said, “I’ll take a well-earned maternity break once the baby is born to really enjoy those early moments. I won’t hire a nanny, though…I don’t want a stranger in my house. I’d rather me and Justin did it. We’ve got an amazing circle of family and friends who can help.”

With Cheryl returning to The X-Factor this year we are not sure how much time she will have to look after Kimberley’s new child, though she will get all the practice she needs looking after Simon’s son Eric.


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