Kim Kardashian reveals Baby Kimye will be wearing a lot of leather and chains!

Kim Kardashian reveals Baby KimyeLooks like someone’s going to take the spotlight off Blue Ivy as baby Kimye’s bound to have lots of swag!

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s episode last night and the ever so fashionable Kim, became open on what would her baby be like.

Kimmel also asked the reality star if she would take hand-me-downs from her sis, Kourtney, who already has twokid, son Mason Disick and daughter Penelope.

While Kim revealed her sister has a few “key pieces,” she thinks her beau, Kanye, will be getting “specially-made” clothing for their baby.

Even Kim said that baby Kimye will be sporting a lot of leather pieces and chains. “Wow leather pants … imagine crapping in something that expensive,” Kimmel replied.

The still-looking-gorgeous-mom-to-be also had her own baby shower courtesy of Jimmy.


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