Kim Kardashian Hires Surrogate for her Third Child

All “Keeping with the Kardashian” fans know that Kim Kardashian, 36, and Kanye West, 40, have been trying to have a third child for a long time.

Kim always talked very publicly about it and women around the world, who share the same problem, admire her for that.

Kim and Kanye Forced to Hire a Surrogate

Kim was diagnosed with placenta accrete, and after two very complicated pregnancies and deliveries, the third one would put her life in danger. This condition occurs when blood vessels grow too deep into the uterine wall so it cannot be detached after the delivery. It can even completely grow through the uterus and even reach the bladder or other organs.

Keen on having one more child, Kim even underwent a surgery to try to repair holes in her uterus but it didn’t work. She even asked her younger sister Khloe to consider being her surrogate but she refused.

The reality star had even said on the show: ‘I think that I always knew that surrogacy was an option but I didn’t think it was that realistic of an option. Now I feel like that’s my reality. I feel like surrogacy is really the only other option for me.’

Surrogacy Contract Prepared

The couple hired an agency to find a suitable surrogate. The initial deposit to the agency is said to be a whopping $68,850.

The surrogate will receive $4,500 instalments during 10 months. The contract includes that the surrogate refrains from any alcohol, smoking or drug consumption throughout the pregnancy and also obtain from sex leading up to the pregnancy. Hot tubs and saunas are not allowed as well as hair-dye, raw fish and more than one caffeinated beverage a day.

Should the pregnancy produce more than one child, the surrogate will receive additional monthly instalment of $5,000 per child. The famous couple assumes the legal and parental responsibilities for any child that may have any abnormalities or defects.

The couple already has two children, a daughter North West, 4 years old and a son, Saint West, who is year and a half.


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