Kim Kardashian a “Hairy Armenian”?

Kim Kardashian a “Hairy Armenian”?Well, well… look who is in the news again, no surprise. This time it’s a bit humorous. Kim is using her ‘charm’ and ethnicity to weasel her way out of a law suit. The beauty company Radiant is suing Kardashian for false advertising. However, the court doc claim that she is falsely advertising for a rival beauty product TRIA, whom Kim is a spokesperson for.

Radiant is upset that Kim is possibly making false claims to bolster TRIA sales by saying that the product removes hair from everywhere on her body. Radiant Beauty Products claims that what Kim states is impossible; TRIA themselves inform their customers that the product is not safe for many areas of the body. TRIA also states that results take 90 days but Kim said she noticed a difference right away.

Radiant feels that Kim’s false statements hurt the company and are seeking unspecific damages.

Others are coming forward to question whether or not the star is paid to mention products on her twitter account, without mentioning she is paid for her advertising.

Kim, always composed and prepared said she was only “reflecting her opinion of the product” and that she is a “hairy Armenian”. Cute Kim.


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