Kieffer Gets a Second Chance from Jenelle’s Mom

Kieffer Gets a Second Chance from Jenelle's MomAll of you Teen Mom fans probably already know that Jenelle Evans has made the decision to go back to Kieffer Delp. This is something that reportedly happened when Jenelle finally was released off of probation last week. However, the question that has been floating around in fans heads is what does Barbara think about it?

Anyone who has followed the show knows that Barbara has never been a fan of Kieffer from the start because she has felt that he has done nothing but bring Janelle down and take her mind off of her son Jace. However, now it seems as though the tables have turned.

According to a tweet that came from Jenelle her mother is giving Kieffer a second chance. Also, she revealed that the reason her mom is giving him a second chance is because he has finally decided to clean up his act once and for all. Jenelle told fans that Kieffer works and is paid $2000 every two weeks, he has a car, he has stopped using drugs, he has obtained his GED, and he is even enrolled to start college in the fall.

Well let’s hope Kieffer keeps his head on straight for Jenelle sake.


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