Kevin Hart in Surgery After a Terrible Car Crash

After he suffered a terrible car crash last week, the famous actor Kevin Hart is still in the hospital recuperating.

Recovery Going Well!

He also underwent a serious surgery for back injuries which he suffered during the crash, but the prognosis is good.

He is expected to completely recover.

The only passengers in the car were his friend Jared Black, Black’s fiancé Rebecca Broxterman, and him.

Black was the driver even though the car belongs to Hart. The crash happened when Black lost control of the car and veered off the road in the hills above Malibu on Sunday early in the morning.

The Cause

TMZ reports that the police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Right now, they are debating if the speed was the primary factor as a certain witness to the crash emerged with the claims that he heard screeching of the tires closely followed by a sound of a car smashing through fencing.

As of now, no commentary was provided by the California Highway Patrol regarding the tragic accident and rumors about the causes.

A Tragic Birthday Gift

The car which Black and Hart drove in was the comedian’s latest new toy Plymouth Barracuda which the actor bought for himself in July as a birthday gift.

The vintage car flew off the Mulholland Highway straight into a ditch.

The photos of the car after the incident show the complete obliteration of the vehicle, with the roof suffering the biggest blow.

Once police arrived on the scene, the officers immediately found Black and his fiancé pinned under the roof sitting in the two front seats.

The police revealed that they hadn’t found any signs of drinking on the driver’s side and that he was rapidly transported to UCLA Medical Center for intervention. His condition remains unknown.

Rebecca came through the accident unscathed. Hart, on the other hand, left the place of the accident with his security and went straight home.

He was later admitted to a local hospital for his injuries.

Hart’s wife Eniko told TMZ the day after the accident that her husband was awake and feeling fine but declined to comment further.

The star is yet to post any statements or comments about the accident.


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