Kelly Rowland Considers Herself “Too Shy” To Perform At Her Own Wedding

rsz_2kelly_rowlandFormer X-Factor judge and Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland has performed in front of tens of thousands of people during her music career, but she considers herself to be “a little shy” to perform at her own wedding.

Kelly, who will be celebrating her 33rd birthday next week, is engaged to Tim Witherspoon, and has been speaking to E! News about how the wedding plans are coming along and if she was going to sing at the reception to which Kelly replied, “I really plan on it being a very special day between me and my sweetheart. Whatever we do we just want it to be special and between he and I, and just make it something that we both remember and just for us. It’s our gift to ourselves.”

As for the question of taking to the stage and performing in front of her guests Kelly said, “I don’t know. I think I would be a little shy to be completely honest.”

If Kelly is not going to perform at her own wedding perhaps she should give Beyonce or Michelle Williams a call and ask them instead, or better still they could reform Destiny’s Child for one last performance.


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