Kelly Brook Dumps Danny Cipriani Over Raunchy Texts

Kelly-BrookStunner Kelly Brook has kicked her boyfriend Danny Cipriani out of the house after she found out he had been sending raunchy texts to a woman by the name of Stacey Simcox.

Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani have been dating on and off since 2008, and Kelly has even been nursing Danny back to full health after he was run down by a bus earlier this year. Only last week she posted pictures of herself and her former boyfriend on her Twitter account whilst holidaying in Greece, though since the revelations of Cipriani’s texts all pictures of him have been removed.

In a exclusive interview with the Sun Newspaper Stacey Simcox revealed all about the cheating Danny Cipriani. She said, “At the beginning he was just friendly and really sweet. He’d ask how my day was and we would just chat away. But then after a couple of weeks it got really dirty. He’d send me filthy messages about what he wanted to do to me and begging to meet up for sex. It got progressively more explicit and I just thought, ‘What a rat’. I just couldn’t understand why he’d stray. Every man fancies Kelly, but that obviously wasn’t enough for Danny.”

A close friend of Cipriani’s told the Sun Newspaper that “Danny is absolutely devastated. He just can’t believe what he’s done, he just wants Kelly back.”

Cipriani may well want Kelly Brook back, but the question has to be why on earth would he go behind the back of one of the world’s most beautiful women in the first place? Some men, and women for that matter, are just never satisfied with what they have and Danny Cipriani may well be regretting his actions for the rest of his life!


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