Keira Knightley Receives Unusual Wedding Gift From Her New Husband

keira-knightley-james-rightonWhat would you give your spouse for a wedding present? An expensive piece of jewellery perhaps, or a luxury holiday to somewhere exotic maybe? Those are the normal gifts one would expect to receive as a wedding present, but when you have everything money can buy you need to think outside the box a little. That is exactly what James Righton has done for his new wife Keira Knightley, as he has bought her an olive tree worth £3,000, but not only that he had their initials carved into the tree as well. How sweet!

Righton, 29, married Knightley, 28, at the weekend in a private ceremony in the South of France. A source close to the couple told The Sun Newspaper about the unique gift. They said, “James had it planted in the back garden of her home in France on the day of the wedding. He had carved their initials in a heart and showed her in front of everyone. She collapsed into fits of giggles, it was very sweet.”

Very sweet indeed. Righton also gave his new wife a family heirloom too, a ring belonging to his grandmother. The source added, “The ring he gave her was a family heirloom too. He really did think it all through. It was an amazing wedding, the whole thing was really sweet and down to earth.”

Sounds like a great day and it is good to hear of a celebrity couple who are in love and keeping things simple with a small private wedding rather than a lavish extravaganza. One thing is for sure with their very own olive tree in the garden they will never be short of nibbles or toppings for their salads and pizzas!


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