Katy Perry to Reveal All in Autobiography

Katy Perry to Reveal All in AutobiographyPopstar Katy Perry has signed a £2million book deal to publish her autobiography, a book that is sure to attract the attention of her fans, but also the attention of her former husband Russell Brand.

The new book will be called ‘Part of Me’ and it will include everything that has happened in Perry’s life to date, including her marriage and subsequent breakup and divorce from comedian Brand.

Perry, 28, was unavailable to comment about the new book, but a spokesperson for the popstar said, “Several publishers have been after Katy for a while. She decided to go ahead so fans don’t have a one-sided story when Russell publishes another Booky Wook.”

Brand has already published two books, and a third is on the way, a book where he is sure to put his side of what really happened between him and Perry.

It will be interesting to see which book hits the shelves first, and it will also be interesting to read each others point of view on what really happened during their time together. For now though Katy Perry and Russell Brand fans will have to sit tight and wait until their respective books are published.


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