Katy Perry Asks For Unusual Item To Cheer Her Up

Katy-PerryCelebrities and popstars are extremely spoilt, and they like nothing better than their dressing rooms to be stocked full of luxury items like chocolates and flowers. Popstar Katy Perry asked her management team for a very unusual item this week as she needed cheering up, and that item was a kitten as she was missing her cat!

Katy Perry has been in London during the past week and asked her management team for the kitten because she was feeling down as she had to leave her own cat, Kitty Purry, at home. A close friend spoke to the Daily Mirror Newspaper and said, “During filming, there are always lots of breaks and, at times, Katy looked really bored and she was saying she had nothing to do.”

The source went on to say, “Katy is a cat fanatic. She absolutely adores them. She was talking about them a lot on the set and finally asked her management if they could find her one. It didn’t take long before a kitten was found and brought on set. And Katy happily played with it for about half an hour.”

The new friendship didn’t last long though as Katy has since flown back to America to be reunited with her own cat Kitty Purry, and no doubt she is spoiling it with plenty of love, treats and nibbles!


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