Kate Middleton Showered with Luxurious Baby Gifts

Kate Middleton Showered with Luxurious Baby GiftsAlthough Kate Middleton is only a few weeks pregnant, she is already being showered with luxurious presents from a whole lot of baby product companies all aiming for what could be the ultimate goal of preggy promotions.

Sources have told us that the duchess has already acquired trendy baskets of goodies from at least four baby product companies based in the US and most probably there are still a lot from all the other parts of the globe.

Of course, the logic here is very simple. Once Kate likes the goodies, she’ll use them, once she uses them, the goodies get photographed with Kate, goodies get publicity all over the world which then leads to a lot of mommies purchasing all the goodies Kate uses and then more profit for the company!

As far as we know, the duchess has already received products and clothes from a couple of top of the line LA baby boutiques, morning sickness relief from One Step Ahead and kiddy learning programs from


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