Kate Middleton Gives up Her Job to Concentrate on Wedding

Kate Middleton Gives up Her Job to Concentrate on WeddingKate Middleton made her recent move about becoming an official member of the royal family. The “wife to be” of Prince William just gave up her job to focus on their wedding.

Kate gave up the position as a project manager for her parents’ party supply company. Kate was reportedly left her work at the company to give more attention in the planning of her wedding with Britain’s Prince William. The big event will take place in merely 93 days at Westminster Abbey in London.

Despite the fact that no invitations have formally gone out for the big event, there are reports that the Queen’s personal secretary has called current private secretaries of other royals to save the date of April 29 – the couple’s chosen date for their wedding.

Big names have already pledged to attend the big wedding. Among those VIPs are Yugoslavia’s Crown Prince Alexander together with his wife, Crown Princess Catherine, the royal family of Greece and the Romanian royal family.


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