Kate Middleton and Prince William Attend Royal Commemorative Service


As Kate Middleton and Prince William attend extravagant nights out on the town as well as attending many adorable charity outings during the current month, Kate and Prince William made it a point to honor the memorial of the late Duke of Westminster.  Gerald Grosvenor, The Duke unfortunately passed away in August of this year, but his memorial services were not held until this past Monday at the Chester Cathedral and numerous members within the royal family were present giving respect to the late Duke.  William and Kate appeared to be very dismal as they walked their way to the inside of Chester Cathedral, as the Duchess of Cambridge made her appearance wearing a vivid black outfit that was practically identical to the outfit that she was wearing when she made an appearance in the earlier part of November accompanied by her husband at the British Legion’s Festival of Remembrance.

The royal family has been awfully busy lately, as Prince Harry is currently in the middle of a buoyant tour of the Caribbean.  Prince Harry is also in the middle of being forced to defend the relationship that he has with Meghan Markle an actress in the show Suits.   The scrutiny that has been surrounding this brand new romance has ultimately become so extreme that Prince William felt a need to step into the middle and stand up for his brother stating that he himself completely recognizes the situation concerning privacy as well as stating that he will support his brother no matter what.  Meanwhile Kate Middleton has been making numerous very charming public appearances of her very own, this is including being part of a tea party with many students at the Natural History Museum in London, as well as standing in to represent the royal family during the Recovery Street Film Festival.


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