Kate Major Calls the Cops Again

Kate Major Calls the Cops AgainTo most this is not a surprise. Apparently, Kate Major has had to call the cops on Michael Lohan yet again because of him violating his restraining order again. However, as usual Michael Lohan is playing the “it’s BS” defense.

Law enforcement have confirmed that Kate Major has called the Delray Beach Police Dept. in Florida due to the fact that Michael Lohan showed up at the salon she was at. She also went on to state that once he saw her he begins banging on the glass windows like a maniac. However, once the cops arrived Michael Lohan was nowhere in sight.

Michael Lohan is claiming he was not in violation of his court because Kate invited him to the salon in hopes to borrow some of his money. Not to mention the fact that Michael states that they live together and him and Kate have been very seriously involved recently.

Law enforcement, however, have taken Kate’s report and they have also spoken with Michael as to his side of the story. At this point it seems as though the case will be passed on to the Florida State Attorney’s Office and they will be the ones to decide whether or not charges should be filed.


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