Kardashian Threatens Courtney With the Legal Beagles

Responding to claims by Courtney Love that Kardashian brother had uttered homophobic remarks and physically assaulted someone, Kim Kardashian came out swinging.. ( no we don’t mean her lifestyle)

Love said on  MySpace that Rob Jr. Kims brother, had  “cold socked and punched” her employee in the face and called him a “faggot”. Rob Jr’s friend Brody Jenner was apparently hanging around with Love’s staff member at the time.

Sister, Kim, famed for.. ..(hm.. what were her accomplishments again?? We forget…oh well..nevermind..) denied the allegations against her brother and claims that her family’s legal team are looking into the matter.

“A lot of what she wrote doesn’t even make much sense and doesn’t follow a clear train of thought,” said Kardashian.

“All I know is that both Brody and Rob didn’t do anything close to what Ms. Love has described. We will forward this terrible nonsense to our attorneys.”

LOL and lets face it folks..   with the kind of practice THOSE kids give the legal team, they are bound to be good.


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