Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Kanye West & Kim KardashianBack in January, Amber Rose – Kanye West’s ex – was claiming that Kim Kardashian played a part in their breakup. Amber Rose states that Kanye West cheated with the reality star.

“Theraflu”, was released on Wednesday and Kanye West fans found out that part of what Amber Rose said was true. The song talks about how Kanye West feels about Kim Kardashian. However, the song has now been removed from YouTube.

In the DJ Khaled song, Kanye West raps about his growing love for Kim and he even refers to Kris Humphries, mentioning his connections to Jay-Z and possibly having Kris kicked off the Nets. Jay-Z is co-owner of the team.

Although these rumors are really beginning to circulate about the two they still have remained supportive. Just like last week Kim Kardashian was seen during Paris Fashion Week at Kanye West’s runway show. Also, during this same week Kanye West appeared on the reality show, Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

Kardashian made her walk of shame dressed in the same clothes she wore on a date with Kanye the night before, after leaving Kanye’s NYC apartment.

TMZ has stated that the two are currently dating and they have photos of them leaving the New York movie theater on Wednesday night. They were said to have went to the viewing of the “Hunger Games” together.

Is this another public, big-schemed relationship to keep Kim in the media? Doubtful, she has enough to keep her in the lime-light with a nasty divorce and flour-bombing attacks.


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