Kanye West Doesn’t Have A Sex Video. He Has TWO!

Kanye West Doesn't Have A Sex Video. He Has TWO! Whew. Kanye West is indeed a sex tape master. Sources have told us that the rapper videotaped himself doing the dirty deed more than once in the previous years. The two tapes are now being sold to the highest bidder.

So yes, the reports are absolutely true. Kanye’s sex tape was shot in a hotel room with a young woman making rounds. But! There is a second video that is almost the same as the first one.

Both two videos are very long. The first one is around twenty minutes while the second video is around forty. And we are talking about constant action here. This rapper does not even take breaks! Unbelievable, but true.

Sources have told us that the videos were taped years ago with his ex-girlfriends.

The videos are now being sold by a third party to some media outlets.


Sources have also told us that the 35 year old rapper has no idea how the videos were taken from his own computer and if any person releases these sex videos, we were told that Kanye intends to file a case against the culprits.

The rapper superstars present girlfriend, Kim Kardashian became famous after her own sex video was released. And now, her boyfriend has his own share of steamy sex vids.


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