Kanye Caught With His Pants Down

Kanye Caught With His Pants DownWell, almost. In a questionable exit from a vehicle led by Kim Kardashian, the rapper had visible thigh exposure from saggy pants. Some are suggesting that Kim is setting up all her exposure with Kanye.
Most recently Kim was wearing earrings that made Kayne’s initials. The duo has been spotted holding hands and eating ice-cream on top of several other “couple” appearances. All of the above have put Kim in consistent lime-light.

During the recent incident of Kanye’s wardrobe ‘malfunction’ Kim is seen looking slightly doe eyed while Kanye has a fit full of drawers, pulling them up. Kim is feet ahead while Kanye stands adjusting himself. Seems a little too staged, doesn’t it?

Some have commented that Kim is using Kanye to give herself more accessibility to promoting herself and the upcoming season of her reality show.

We will just have to wait and see, now won’t we.


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