Juvenile: I Want A Paternity Test…I Love My Son

Juvenile: I Want A Paternity Test…I Love My SonRapper Juvenile reveals to sources that he strongly believes he is the father of “his” thirteen year old son. He also continued to go on and say that the only reason he is demanding a paternity test is because he is working on trying to get custody of the kid.

Recently Juvenile has filed court documents asking for the task due to the fact that paternity was never established when the boy was first born. Not to mention the fact that he did not sign the birth certificate. Then, to top things off he is claiming that the boy’s mother had sexual relations with a ton of other people…so there is a chance that he might not be that baby’s daddy.

Juvenile may have mentioned all this stuff in the papers however he revealed to sources that his son not only acts but looks just like him. He is just taking the route he is taking because he wants to try to gain custody of his son.

To make matters worse than they already are, Juvenile owes $160,000 in unpaid child support. However, if the test proves that he did not father that child it is possible that he will be in the clear. Juvenile, is telling the public that he highly doubts that the test will come back negative and that he loves his son to death he just hopes that he is actually his son.


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