Justin Bieber’s Portugal Concert Canceled!


It was recently announced that one of Justin’s two scheduled shows in Portugal has been canceled ‘due to unforeseen circumstances’. The venue’s website released a statement which reports that the second performance, previously scheduled to go on March 12th, is now canceled.

The release goes on to say that that the first show is still on for March 11th and fans holding tickets for the canceled show can go to the location where their tickets were purchased for a full refund. They must claim their refund within thirty days of the scheduled show which gives them until April 11th . There is no word as to why Justin canceled this second show but within minutes of the announcement people began making assumptions.

Justin has already been plagued with rumors and bad press for the past several weeks and this will undoubtedly fan the flames of those who aren’t fans. Bieber collapsed and was hospitalized last week in London, and he lost his temper with journalists at Photog recently as well. Whatever the true cause of this cancellation many people will be watching out for Justin Bieber to continue on what just might be the beginning of a downward spiral for the teen mega star.


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