Justin Bieber Relaxes with a Game of Poker at Leicester Square Casino


Yes, Justin Bieber has been very busy performing some very awesome shows to the houses that have packed with thousands of his fans, so it comes at no great surprise that he just needs a little bit of rest and relaxation that comes with a bit of down time.

This amazing 22 year old pop star was spotted enjoying a couple of hands of poker while he was at the Empire Casino that is located in London’s Leicester Square within the very early hours on Monday morning.

Justin was wearing a maroon hoodie, a grey beanie hat, and some very well worn ripped jeans, he looked like he was very engrossed in the Texas Hold’em poker game that he was playing.

Justin started at the poker game with a few of his friends as well as several patrons of the Leicester Square Empire Casino.

The patrons that were watching the poker game play out stated that this pop star looked to be very relaxed as he was playing this £200 buy-in poker game.

A fellow poker player who is at the age of 26 from London stated that Justin was playing with regular everyday patrons of the casino, and that the poker game averaged a £200 buy-in, but he was not entirely sure how much Justin actually lost or won to be quite honest.  This fellow poker player went on to say that Justin pretty much kept to himself.

This young pop star is renting a mega mansion within London that has 15 bedrooms for the total of £108,333 a month that totals out to be close to £1.3million a year, during the time that he is on tour.

Justin had decided to divide his down time between this mega mansion in London and his Los Angeles home.


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