Justin Bieber investigated on Nerf Gun Charges

Justin Bieber investigated on Nerf Gun ChargesJustin Bieber is being investigated on serious Nerf gun control charges!

Justin was in Ottawa, Canada last November when a female staff of the place he was performing at filed a police report that accused Justin or someone who was with the singer assaulted her.

The staff told the cops that she got hit by something.

So.. now, we have learned that that “something” she was referring to was a kid-safe projectile from a Nerf gun. Sources have told us that Biebs was playing with his little bro and sis and one of the darts hit the staff.

The female staff got so pissed and told the people with Biebs that she was a security guard for the venue. The cops are now taking things seriously due to the complaint.

We know it’s very irritating to get hit by one of the darts but do you seriously need to file a case?


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