Johnny Depp Suing Former Managers For $33 Million


Johnny Depp is currently involved in a law suit against his now former business managers claiming that they mismanaged the amount of his earnings during the course of his career.  The company is stating that it is Depp’s “irresponsible” spending habits that is in fact to blame.

This lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of Las Angeles against The Management Group is seeking 33 million dollars, which is alleging that the owners, Robert Mandel and Joel Mandel, failed to pay Depp’s taxes properly, as well as making unauthorized loans and that they overpaid for many services and security.

The complaint that was filed within the court that is fifty-two pages at length states Johnny Depp lost millions and that he has been forced to get rid of many significant assets in order to pay for The Management Groups self-dealing as well as their gross misconduct.

The Management Group represented Johnny Depp from the year of 1999 until the month of March 2016, where the company received 5% of Depp’s total income from many movies such as Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and of course the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The lawyer who is representing The Management Group, Michael Kemp stated that Johnny Depp’s lawsuit is a fabrication and it is being used to cover up his very own irresponsible and extravagant spending habits, and continued to claim that the well-known actor actually owed the Management Group a total of 5.6 million dollars from a loan that was taken from the company when he was facing a default on a 5 million dollar bank loan.

Kemp continued by stating that Depp’s lawsuit as well as his tactics will ultimately fail, and in the end he will be required to pay back the initial loan as he promised.


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