John Travolta’s Battle with Baldness

John Travolta's Battle with BaldnessJohn Travolta’s penchant for hair pieces has once again come very obviously to light as he fails to keep continuity with his use of different styles in a short period of time. Travolta was photographed in a California café wigless, his thinning hair and near complete baldness on top for all to see. But only a day later he was photographed again and suddenly his hair had miraculously ‘grown’ back to a full head of hair.

It’s not the first time he’s been caught out buy the ever present paparazzi. Back in February he was photographed in Paris and the cameras caught sight of a mesh grid poking out from his hairline, the grid is a tell-tale sign of hair weaving treatment.

It’s certainly not unusual for a man of 57 years of age to have thinning hair and it’s also part of his work as an actor to have ever changing styles and alterations to his appearance. But when he’s off the set such obvious use of wigs and hair pieces is rather funny.


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