Jodie Whittaker Becomes First Female Doctor Who

If you have never seen Doctor Who in the last five decades, you are among the few.

If you want to introduce science fiction genre to your children, friends or family, now may be the perfect timing because the new season is just around the corner with the first female doctor who wants to inspire young girls to be the heroes instead of just companions.

Jodie Whittaker Feels Pressure but Will Break Rules

Jodie Whittaker is set to star in the new season of Doctor Who as the first female Time Lord in the 55-year-period. The eleventh season is due to come out in the fall at BBC ONE and fans expect all the rules to be out of the window.

The 36-year-old actress was cast by current showrunner Chris Chibnaill as the thirteenth Doctor Who. She explained later in an interview that being the first woman to play Doctor Who inevitably has its pressures. But Whittaker says there is something freeing about not having any woman predecessors to live up to.

“The pressure is less for me because I can only do this my way”, she said.

Jodie went on to add that she hopes to inspire young girls as the first female Time Lord and is privileged to play the role.

“Being the first female Doctor and showing children that their heroes in shows don’t always look the same is a huge honour for me.”

She hopes her role will encourage young girls to speak up and fight for themselves, to become heroes of their own stories.

The Audition

An English actress from Yorkshire debuted as an actress at Shakespeare’s Globe in London and took on few sci-fi roles.

Her new role was announced after the 2018 Wimbledon men’s final on Sunday. The show’s executive producer explained that she blew their minds at the audition and that this was the easiest decision he made in his whole career. Jodie showed them bold and brilliant vision of her Doctor and put a powerful female force into the role.

“She is destined to be an utterly iconic Doctor.”

Actors Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole and composer SegunAkinolo will also join the team in the fall. There is a new Doctor, new characters and new monsters. A perfect mix to keep us in front of the screen although the show is running since 1963.

One thing is certain, Whittaker will make history not only as the thirteenth Time Lord but the first female version of the famous Doctor.


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