JLS To Split Later This Year

JLS-BoybandYoung girls all over the world, and a few older ones and their mums no doubt, will be crying into their breakfast cereal this morning with the the news that boyband JLS are to split.

JLS first shot to fame in 2008 when they appeared on the hit ITV1 show The X-Factor. The news will come as a massive shock to the music world, but it appears as though the decision is not a hasty one as Marvin, Aston, JB and Ortise have been thinking about it for a number of months now.

Speaking to The Sun Newspaper about the announcement today Marvin said, “So we all thought about it for a few months and it sort of made sense to say we were moving on with our lives. It’s an emotional time. There’s no getting away from that. We have been through so much together. But we have to be mature and look at this decision as a celebration of what we managed to achieve.”

Aston said, “It’s just that time. We are still best of friends and always will be, but this is the end.”

Fear not JLSters because the end is not quite here yet. The band will be performing their third arena tour later this year and there will also be one final album of JLS greatest hits which will be released in December. Who knows in 10 years time they could do a Take That and reform, but only time will tell if that ever happens, but for now there will be literally thousands of young girls, teenagers and mums walking around with tears in their eyes and very glum looking faces.


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