Jim Carrey Set for Trial Over Former Girlfriend Cathriona White Death Accusations

Life is not a laugh these days for a 55-year-old actor Jim Carrey.

One of the most famous comedy actors is facing a trial over the death of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White.

Civil Trial Date Set

Cathriona was an Irish makeup artist who was found dead in September 28, 2015 in her Los Angeles home only few days after Jim had broken up with her.

She died from an overdose of various prescription drugs. In days following her death, Cathriona’s mother and husband accused Jim Carrey of assisting her in her death.

He denied these claims but a judge refused to dismiss these wrongful death lawsuits against the actor. His guilt is yet to be challenged on a civil trial set for April 26 2018.

Wrongful Death Accusations

Cathriona and the Truman Show and Liar, Liar star dated on and off in late 2012 and early 2013 and renewed their romance in May 2015 until few days prior to her tragic suicide. She was separated from her cameraman husband Mark Burton and soon to file for divorce at the time of her death.

Burton filed a lawsuit against the famous actor for obtaining and distributing pills that killed her. Cathriona’s mum filed her own lawsuit for wrongful death and also accusing Carrey for transmitting three STDs to her daughter which led to her state of mind.

Cathriona also left a good-bye letter for Jim which is expected to be the key evidence in the upcoming trial.

Jim was devastated after her death and of course denied all allegations. He even commented that he is looking forward to standing up in the trial and defending his honor.

But his guilt or innocence is yet to be verified.


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