Jersey Shore Season 6 in Jeopardy

Jersey Shore Season 6 in JeopardyJersey Shore is in the news again; however it is not another pregnancy. Fox News has reported that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has entered rehab. Earlier today Sorrentino responded to these rumors saying that they are not true. However a rep for Sorrentino, earlier this week, ‘sort-of’ acknowledged that Mike was indeed “at a disclosed location, resting”.

Sorrentino is in rehab specifically for a prescription pill problem. Everyone is wondering how this will effect season 6. One member of the gang is pregnant and another has broken down and sought help for excessive partying.

At this point Snooki and Stitch remain scheduled for season 6 but really maybe this is a sign that the train has hit a dead end.

Mike’s ‘situation’ became more noticeable in season 5 where he acts odd, with instances of profuse sweating and paranoia. Member of Jersey Shore say they are happy that Mike is getting treatment.

The Situation tweeted earlier this week “getting in excellent shape for season 6”. This time he didn’t mean GTL.


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