Jeremy London, in Serious Trouble

Jeremy LodonJeremy London, In Serious Trouble
According to, Jeremy London (actor) is in trouble. Today, London was questioned by the police in Palm Springs, CA. He was in custody for his “erratic and violent behavior” and trespassing.

His family states, “We are trying very hard to get this to reach a head in time to save Jeremy’s life and get him the help he needs. Heads up… as we speak the cops are questioning Jeremy at the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs because of his erratic and violent behavior towards the hotel staff, threatening to kill him self, and his appearing to be out of his mind on substances… and also effectively trespassing because he refused to pay for the room. In fact he’s been calling our friends trying to get them to pay for it for him. The hotel called the police and they are currently there questioning him – likely he and his wife Melissa who is also with him will be taken into custody relatively soon.”

So sad. Hopefully, Jeremy London will get the help that he needs right away.


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