Jeremy Jackson the Former Celebrity Big Brother Sentenced to Jail

Jeremy Jackson who is a former Celebrity Big Brother star has been sentenced to do time in the LA County Jail as well as five years of probation after he was charged with stabbing a woman in the year 2015 during an argument. This former Baywatch start is facing a total of 270 days within the LA County Jail.

This star who shot to fame on Baywatch agreed to a plea bargain before he was actually sentenced to a total of 270 days within the LA County Jail and a total of five years probation.

This jail term that he was sentenced too has been reportedly cut short by a total of 109 days for time that was spent previously in custody, so now his total time that will be served is 161 days behind the bars of the LA County Jail.

Jeremy is also required to attend a total of 52 AA meetings as well as a total of 52 anger management meetings, if he stays within compliance with all that is required of him the felony charge could ultimately be dropped to a misdemeanor.

Jeremy Jackson was first arrested in the year of 2015 after allegedly stabbing a woman in the month of August of that year very close to her home within LA.  Jackson was charged with assault with a deadly weapon as well as criminal threats at this time.

Meanwhile this former star has been very open about the troubles of his past, after his fast rise to stardom in Baywatch from the years between the years of 1991 to 1999.

As well as being open about his battle with drug addition, in January of 2014, Jackson was kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother for allegedly groping Chloe Goodman.

Chloe stated her opinion on Jackson’s sentencing stating “Not really, I hope he finds the help he needs x.”


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