Jennifer Lopez didn’t get anyone fired because of an autograph

Jennifer Lopez didn't get anyone fired because of an autographJ.Lo says the German maid who stated that the singer got her fired for asking for an autograph is a complete lie and she insists that the lady is bashing for no reason at all.

Jennifer Lopez is really upset over a story that came from a German tabloid in which the maid stated that she attempted to talk to the singer-actress’s assistants while they were in a fancy German hotel last month and she requested for J.Lo’s signature. The maid claimed that J.Lo made a complaint to the hotel management and she was fired the following day.

Lopez now lashes back saying, “C’mon thought you knew me better than this.. Would never get anyone fired over an autograph.”

Sources that are close with the singer told us that there was really an incident which involved a maid, but it did not involve an autograph. We were told the maid had “barged” into the room without any notice and the singer’s security immediately reacted out of concern for the singer’s safety.

We were told hotel management has since assured Lopez’s people that no one was fired — but the maid company the hotel uses has transferred her to another property.

Lopez’s rep stated “Jennifer always goes out of her way to meet and greet fans as evidenced by her recent tweet 2 meet engagements backstage, as well as stopping to sign autographs and say hello to hotel staff.”


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