Jennifer Lopez, $12 Million American Idol Payday

Jennifer LopezWord on the street is that Jenny from the block, you know J-Lo, has finally signed on as a judge on the hit show American Idol. The show has been a rating bonanza, however, in recent years the ratings have slipped some.

People, US Weekly, Deadline Hollywood and other gossip magazines are all reporting this latest installment of American Idol dish. Supposedly, Jenny is being paid $12 million and receiving some pretty serious perks.

Benny Medina, Lopez’s manager, helped pen the deal. Not only will she be a judge on the show but she guaranteed to be involved in some capacity to several television pilots and motion pictures. This is in addition to her $12 million salary.

Reportedly, she first asked for $15 million plus the aforementioned (tv and movie deals) but didn’t receive it.

There has been a lot of media speculation about the deal, namely that Lopez has been extremely demanding during negotiations. American Idol executives are reportedly a bit peeved about this. They don’t want any bad publicity surrounding their new hire.

They seemed to believe that these made up “leaks” were actually being done by or on the behalf of American Idol competitors. By all accounts, the negotiations went normally and J-Lo was not as all diva like.


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