Jenelle Evans: Pregnancy Rumors Still Spreading

Jenelle Evans: Pregnancy Rumors Still SpreadingThere has been talk about Jenelle Evans from “Teen Mom” being pregnant on an off again and now it is back in “on” mode again. Jenelle Evans keeps claiming that she is not expecting baby number two but sources keep saying otherwise.

Recently, the “Teen Mom” star basher magazine, Reality Weekly has started the rumor back up again stating that Evans is pregnant again. Furthermore, they are stating that the reason she has become pregnant again is because she wants her own reality show and she knows that is a way for her to get viewers quickly. One of the writers even went on to say that Jenelle has expressed that she wants another baby but deep down inside they know that all she is looking for is fame.

However, all the magazine did was make themselves look silly to real die hard Jenelle fans because from her Twitter updates they know that Jenelle is not pregnant or even trying to become pregnant. As a matter of fact Jenelle has been losing weight instead of gaining it and her bikini body that she has been showing off all over North Carolina is more than enough to prove that she is not expecting.


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