Jenelle and Gary Can’t Keep Away From Drama

Jenelle and Gary Can't Keep Away From DramaJenelle Evans and Gary have split up again. For those of you who have been keeping on top of their relationship this is the third time within 30 days that they have broken up.

What was the deal breaker this time?

Apparently, James Duffy – Jenelle’s former boss – found it his place to show Gary proof that Jenelle was cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend Kieffer.

Jenelle’s side

Jenelle claims that the only reason she went over to Kieffer’s house was to give him back all of his crap. However, Gary obviously didn’t believe her because he not only asked for his ring back but he also asked for his gun as well.

Jenelle was pissed about Gary making a scene at her house and she expressed this via Twitter. Obviously, this was not a good idea because Gary Head revealed to the world that Jenelle was holding a gun that was registered in his name and she also had a quarter pound of weed stashed.

However, the sad fact is even though all of this took place just a few short days ago the couple is now back together like nothing ever happened.


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