Jay-Z Supports Obama’s Decisions

Jay-Z Supports Obama's DecisionsJay-Z has revealed that he feels the same way as President Obama when it comes to gay marriage. He states that he is a strong believer that gay people deserve the right to get married just as anyone else does. Furthermore, he feels that when gay people are discriminated against it is basically the same as when a black person is discriminated against.

As many of you know Jay-Z is one of the most powerful black people in the hip hop industry so it was not surprise for him to be discussing this sensitive issue with CNN. He reportedly, told CNN that President Obama’s decision to support gay marriage was the right thing to do in his eyes.

Jay-Z states that he has always felt as though the discrimination against gay people in the United States has been an issue that has held the country back. Furthermore, he feels as though what people choose to do in the privacy of their own homes should be their business so therefore they should be able to choose who it is that they love.

Overall, Jay-Z feels that by not letting gay people get married they are victims of discrimination. He states, “Its discrimination plain and simple”.


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