J-Lo Is Terrified Of Plastic Surgery

rsz_jennifer_lopezAt 44 Jennifer Lopez is still one of the most beautiful and most photographed women in the world, but the American Idol star has admitted she will never have plastic surgery to maintain her looks and voluptuous figure.

Jennifer Lopez was taking part in a interview on the Jules, Merrick and Sophie with Mel B Show on Australian Radio when she was asked if she would ever consider having plastic surgery to which she replied, “I’m terrified of anything like that, like going under, I would be like, ‘No, don’t put me to sleep.’”

She also said, “You can achieve a good butt with regular upkeep little by little, as opposed to letting it get away and pulling it back with a knife. I think you can do it with eating healthy things and working out. I’ve always been quite an athlete. From very young, I used to run track and do tennis. For me, it’s always about getting into the gym or getting out there and just running outside, whatever it takes to kind of just, keep it all together.”

With so many young girls driven by the way they look it is good to hear someone like Jennifer Lopez saying they will not have plastic surgery to improve their looks, but when you look as good as J-Lo does she doesn’t need it anyway.


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