Is Sienna Miller Dating Brad Pitt?

Reports have been made that Sienna Miller and Brad Pitt were spotted at the Lost City of Z premiere that took place last week seriously flirting with one another.  It was stated that Brad and Sienna were very mush enjoying each other’s company and that they were talking all night with each other.  It was also stated that this in fact has been a pick-up for Pitt’s spirits as well as being very helpful with getting him “over the hump.”

So now that it is on everyone’s mind …. Could Sienna Miller and Brad Pit actually be a thing?

Well, she was spotted in New York not to long ago, which means that whatever was or was not happening between Brad and herself while she was in Hollywood it was not serious enough to keep her there.  Yet, this is of course an old school gossip story… two stars who are at a party, enjoying the company of each other, talking until the early hours, and showing the possibility that it could be much more.  Sienna and Brad would not just be good gossip it would be great gossip.

Sienna Miller is just young enough to make Pitt feel “young.”  If you are one that has followed the Brad Pitt romance school, you would realize that Brad definitely does have a preference: lithe.  And Sienna sure does fit that slate.  Pitt likes to believe that he has a certain amount of edge, and this is what drew him to Angelina. Another fact is that Sienna has had a certain type of reputation which also means that there will be no overlap with any of his ex-wives circles of friends.  Miller does not hang with Jolie and she is certainly not welcome in that Hollywood Blonde Circle which Aniston, Witherspoon, and Paltrow.  This would be awful appealing to Pitt due to the fact that he likes to think of himself as just a bit of an outsider.


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