Is Lindsay Thinking About Selling Her Rehab Photos?

Lindsay LohanRumor has it that Lindsay Lohan is thinking about selling a few of her rehab pictures for fast cash. Because Lindsay’s problems have made it difficult for her to get work, she is feeling the pressure to generate money the best way that they can.

When Lindsay is able to work, she can command a premium amount of cash but at this point, much less money than she could if she sold her photos. Some believe that for the right types of photos, Lohan can fetch up to $100,000.

Rehab and a celebrity lifestyle are costly to attain, not to mention attorney’s fees (it seems like Lindsay is always in court). If she has to support herself and her family, it’s understandable that the pressure might be getting to her, making selling photos of herself pretty tempting.

For those that have been following Lindsay, rehab photos are nothing new. She was photographed at the Cirque Lodge rehab center. I wouldn’t be surprised if those pictures weren’t by “accident.”

Well, selling pictures of oneself may not be the best way to make money but it certainly seems easy. And she’s not naked so, ‘no harm, no foul.’ There are worst ways to generate cash. She’s not really hurting anyone. I’m pretty neutral on this. If she doesn’t make money from these images, someone else will, so I say go for it!


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