Is Harry Styles Addicted To Gambling? And Can He Spend His Money How He Wants?

harry-stylesOne Direction star Harry Styles has been spotted at the casino again, less than a year after receiving a verbal dressing down from his management after losing “ugly” at the roulette tables.

Harry was at the Pearl Room Casino in Perth, Australia, and was spotted at the roulette tables, and a concerned onlooker told the Daily Star Newspaper the following. They said, “One Direction are the biggest band in the world and they certainly earn their time off. But there’s having fun on a beach or in a nightclub, and there’s high-stakes roulette. It’s such an addictive game, and before you know it, you can be up to eyes in debt.

Harry’s love of the roulette tables is well known as he has a tattoo on his left shoulder blade that says “17 Black”. When your wealth is estimated at around £15million what do you spend your money on? A nice house perhaps, and maybe one or two for the family, even splash out on a new car of your choice. At the end of the day if you have worked hard for your money you should be allowed to spend it on what you want to spend it on, even if that does mean frittering it away at the casino!

The onlooker went on to say, “Although Harry has millions in the bank, it’s amazing how quickly it can go. He’s his own man and can do whatever he wants, but he’s also got his image to protect.”

His management were asked to comment on his latest frenzy at the roulette tables, but they refused to comment any further!! Make of that what you will.


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