Intruder Arrested For Trespassing Into Tom Cruise’s Home

Intruder Arrested For Trespassing Into Tom Cruise’s HomeTom Cruise seems to be attracting the media’s eye these days. After battling the media following a recent divorce from ex-wife Katie Holmes and lawsuit he filed against Life & Style Magazine, Tom Cruise is making more showbiz noise when a man was arrested after allegedly intruding into the actor’s Beverly Hills home.

According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, a man was trying to break-in into the actor’s home on Sunday night. The man climbed a fence and was able to enter the actor’s property. However, an on-duty security officer had seen the incident and tasered the intruder.

The suspect was then arrested by the police for trespassing, but before he was detained, he was first brought to the local hospital to treat the effects he sustained from the taser. No one, neither Cruise nor any member of his family, was in the house when the incident took place.

It was later found out that the intruder was Cruise’s 41-year old neighbor who had broken into the property in a drunken fit. The security officer had noticed the man trying to enter the premises through the fence at around 9:30 p.m. that night and subdued him right away

This incident had happened barely a week after Cruise, 50, sued a magazine for $50 million. Life & Style Magazine was sued for publishing a story that accused him of abandoning daughter Suri, 6.


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