I’m A Celebrity in Crisis? Ola, Scarlett, Lisa in Danger

The bosses of the hit show I’m A Celebrity are taking action in order to keep the celebrities on the show out of harm’s way.

I’m A Celebrity hit show on high alert.

The show camp has been supposedly been hit by an invasion of blood sucking leeches, which can ultimately cause an illness if they are not removed correctly, as well as many hazardous snakes.

While all of the competing stars are ultimately at risk, Ola Jordan, Scarlett Moffatt, as well as Lisa Snowdon are apparently predominantly at a high risk due to their menstrual cycles.

The bosses of this show have stepped up and taken action by arming each of the cast members with repellent as well as warning them to check their socks on a regular basis, as well as checking their underwear and bellybuttons for any unwanted critters.

Dr. Bob McCarron the jungle medic stated that leeched are drawn to the menstrual cycle time of the month as well as being drawn to heat.  If it is the time of the month for these ladies leeches will in fact seek out the nearest blood supply.  The camera crew is also finding leeches within their belly buttons.

What leeches are more apt to do on the celebrities is crawl into their socks and they do not even notice it.   If any of them were to walk in the rain they will need to check themselves regularly.  Included in each of their very own first aid kits is a spray bottle of vinegar, once the leech is spayed by the vinegar it will die.

A crew member also stated that they found a very dangerous brown tree snake that was very close to the Jacuzzi that the Blue team was sitting in, this serpent was not removed until more than 30 minutes after the area was clear.


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