I Never Asked Him To Show Me His Genitals

I Never Asked Him To Show Me His GenitalsThe transgender beauty who was DQ’d from the Miss Universe pageant because of her birth gender is claimed that she has never, not even one time, asked Donald Trump to show her his penis. She feels that what he has going on as far as his obsession with her private parts is not fair at all.

Jenna Talackova, who is 23, recently held a news conference with her lawyer Gloria Allred. Gloria is saying that Donald Trump disqualified her from the competition for biased reasons because he wanted all of the contestants to be “natural born” females.

Gloria also has stated that Jenna never asked Mr. Trump to prove that he was a real man nor did she want to see photos of his birth. In Jenna’s mind she could care less about that and does not see why Mr. Trump cares either.

Also, it should be known that on all of Jenna’s official records it says she is a female even down to her passport. However, it has also been said that Trump has gotten rid of his “naturally born” position and has made promises to Jenna that she can compete.

Jenna is eager to compete.

Jenna is still planning to seek legal action if he does not stick to banishing the “naturally born” rule.


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