“I Look Proper Dumpy” – Emily MacDonagh On Being Pregnant!

rsz_emily_macdonaghPeter Andre’s girlfriend Emily MacDonagh is due to give birth to the couples first child during January, but being pregnant is not agreeing with 24 year old Emily as she says it makes her look “dumpy”.

In a recent episode of Peter Andre’s TV show “My Life” Emily was preparing for an evening out when she said, “I look proper dumpy”. Well that’s generally the case Emily and things are only going to get worse over the next couple of months!

Emily has also been speaking to New! Magazine about her bump, her pregnancy and the prospect of having more children. Speaking about her bump she said, “It’s at that in-between stage where it doesn’t really look like a bump. I guess it sort of does, but it just makes me look kind of bigger.”

Emily was then asked how she was enjoying shopping for the new baby and if she would have more children in the future to which she replied, “It’s nice to go around and pick everything new. And you never know, if we have more then we’ll have everything ready, which is perfect, but not for a while because I’m not sleeping very well already, so I’m happy to leave it a few years.”

Sleep deprivation is all part and parcel of being a new Mum so Emily had better start being prepared for all those sleepless nights that lie ahead!


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