Hollywood Producer Jon Peters is Sued For Abandoning His Dogs

Hollywood Producer Jon Peters is Sued For Abandoning His DogsJon Peters is most commonly known for producing big Hollywood movies such as Batman, Rain Man and Superman Returns. However, now he is going to be known for being the worst dog owner in history. Jon Peters is facing a lawsuit that claims he left both of his dogs in a West Hollywood dog kennel back in 2010.

Sources have stated that his ex-wife was the one who dropped the dogs off because Jon Peters was moving and he needed them to stay somewhere until the move was complete. The California K-9 Academy states that the dogs stayed for 200 days and Peters barely came over to check on them. After a while Peters sent his assistant to pick up the dogs but the assistant left the Pincher behind. Once the Pincher had been in the academy over a year the academy asked Peters if he would give them permission to sell the dog.

Currently, the kennel no longer has either of dogs but the lawsuit comes into play because Peters never paid them for their services. Jon Peters feel as though the lawsuit is BS. He claims he is a loving dog owner and he only placed dogs in there to keep them safe.


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