Heidi Klum and Seal Divorcing

Heidi Klum and Seal DivorcingFour days after Klum filed for a divorce, Seal also filed papers. We have to add that we are sad to see this lovely couple call it quits. The pair has four children and although they do not appear to be fighting, yet, the custody of the children may be an issue.

Another issue brewing in the divorce papers is Klum claims there was a prenuptial agreement however Seal does not mention such an agreement in his paper. He believes some assets were gained after the marriage and so they should be split fairly.

TMZ reported that Heidi is worth an estimated $70 million. Seal is reportedly worth around $15 million.
Seal made a statement earlier this week that he and Klum still love each other very much but both parties selected irreconcilable differences in their divorce petitions.

There is also some tension between the two over alimony support. Heidi is seeking support from Seal even though she makes significantly more than him as a model. Scratch that, they both make bank rolls look easy.
This case is sad because the duo was the cutest couple and after 7 years they are defiantly splitting.


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